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Speedy Ortiz/ Chris Weisman is now up for pre-order! Get you copy on Limited edition Splatter or purple vinyl while they last!

LAMC No. 12: White Fence/ Jack Name is NOW UP FOR PRE-ORDER!!

2nd pressing of LAMC No. 11 is here on Milky Clear with Aqua Blue & Swamp Green splatter vinyl (LTD 500) and so is the 3rd pressing of LAMC No. 7 on Orange Crush / Yellow Split-Color vinyl (LTD 300)! Get em before they’re gone!

Stay up on future LTD pressings, join the FAMOUS CLASS email list: http://mad.ly/signups/107723/join

Grab a copy of our new LAMC 7” ft. jams from Mikal Cronin & WAND here or if vinyl isn’t your thing get the digital version on our bandcamp!

LAMC No. 10 #Fuzz #CCRHeadcleaner 2nd pressing is here and we’ve got Mustard/Bone Split-Color vinyl (LTD 500) available while supplies last!!!! last time the colored vinyl sold out in 5 minutes so don’t wait

Did a little cleaning in the storage space this morning and came across a small box of our special edition DBA 2012 T-shirts. Theres only a handful of them and once they sell out they’re gone forever.

Happy New Year everyone! We’re back in full swing and shipping orders every day. You can grab LAMC No. 10 Fuzz/ CCR Headcleaner at your local record shop THIS TUESDAY the 21st, and of course you can also get it here on the site!

Hey everyone,

The last shipping date of the year is Friday December 20th, any orders at come in after the 19th will be shipped on Jan 3rd. please get your orders in ASAP if you want your items to arrive before xmas.

See you all in the new year!

Famous Class

The time has come so get to pre-ordering now!   Standard black vinyl & limited edition mustard/ translucent white w. splatter vinyl on this site now.

Check it out the PB&J Famous Class Slipmats are in! Get yours now

Every few days we get an email here at Famous Class asking if we plan to sell our test pressings or long sold out special edition vinyl. The answer has always been NO… until now.
Famous Class is very excited to announce our first Charity eBay Auction! we’ve got 25 items up now including rare vinyl, signed vinyl + test presses! But the best part is 100% of the proceeds ate going to the VH1 Save the Music foundation! Check out our ebay page HERE and get to bidding
Sep 5th at 9pmET – Sep 15th at 9pmET


We’re a few days behind on these flexibook but we’re expecting to have them in the mail for you guys this Thursday and Friday. In the meantime enjoy this How To Flexi GIF

We are beyond excited to present “Live at Death By Audio 2012” a playable art book ft. 11 kick ass songs on 6 flexi records! get all the details & pre-order now!!!!

Pre-Order for LAMC No. 8 Xiu Xiu / Lawrence English starts this Monday April 29th at 10 am ET! Get yours on limited edition Silver vinyl while supplies last

Pre-order for LAMC No.9 starts May 20th! Get your copy on limited edition Bone w/ Black & Oxblood splatter vinyl (while supplies last)

150 copies of the Ty Segall/ Chad & the Meatbodies 7″ will be available on translucent Bronze with Beer Haze vinyl while supplies last

Check out the great press for latest LAMC 7″ ft. Cass McCombs + White Magic on Pitchfork, Fader, CoS, LA Records, and Stereogum!

Check out the Noisey premiere of “I Won’t Tell If You Won’t Tell” HERE

Check out the Stereogum premiere for Cassie’s song on LAMC no. 6 “I Don’t Really Want to Go” HERE

LAMC № 5 HUNX/ Cassie Ramone is now shipping! grab yours now or at your local record shop Jan 22nd!

OG Famous Class artist Dave Singley finally has a page on the site! check it out and grab one of his prints on the store!

100 copies of the Hunx/Cassie Ramone 7″ will be available while supplies last

Catch up with the LAMC series with our holiday sale! Grab the LAMC 2012 package HERE and get all 4 releases plus an awesome tote bag.

Remember that time we said we’d have 6 LAMC 7″s out in 2012? Well that didn’t happen, but we’re so excited to announce LAMC No. 5 HUNX/ Cassie Ramone out Jan 22nd and LAMC No. 6 Cass McCombs/ White Magic out Feb 19th.

LAMC No. 4 Deerhoof/ Half Waif is out in stores now and on our webstore. GO GET IT

Go pick up LAMC No.3  Thee Oh Sees/ The Mallard at your local record shop or here at our webstore http://bit.ly/LwPs6w

Need another reason to get excited about LAMC No. 4 Deerhoof/ Half Waif? The physical release will coincide with a NEW EPISODE of Masters From Their Day taking you behind the scenes as Deerhoof + Producer Chris Shaw team up in the studio.

We made a tote bag! You can get one for FREE with any order over $20 or over here at our webstore

We’re thrilled to announce LAMC № 4 Deerhoof / Half Waif out October 23rd!  Pre-order begins NOW and if you’re quick you can pick up the limited edition White Vinyl edition (only 100 copies). DO IT

Our latest release in the LAMC 7″ series is now available on the webstore for pre-order! Check it out and pick up a limited edition version of the record in super limited edition translucent green vinyl now.

We’re so excited to announce the new Darlings 7″ ft. 3 NEW SONGS. Pre-order yours now and check out the sweet teaser video we made!

The second release in our LAMC 7″ series is now available for pre-order and it’s only $5!!! Get your Future Islands / Ed Schrader’s Music Beat 7″  NOW. Orders ship July 9th

The new Future Islands/ Ed Schrader’s Music Beat 7″ will be in stores July 17th. We can’t wait!

We finally posted up the New/Old/Lost/Unfinished Boogie Boarder EP YIKES. download it for free here


The much anticipated second EP from NYC-based soul band The Immaculates is now available on our webstore check it out now!

We’re so excited to see this out in the world, go to your local record shop and get yours today!

The LAMC series got a nice shout out on Pitchfork last week, Check it out HERE. They also announced our 2nd release in the series FUTURE ISLANDS/ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT which will be in stores this July! We’ll be releasing more info very soon.

pre order your records now cause the first edition is gonna be gone before you know it!

The first release in our LAMC 7″ series is now available for pre-order and it’s only $5. check out our webstore and get your A Place To Bury Strangers / Ceremony split 7″ NOW. Orders ship April 3rd

Support the Famous Class family! The man behind some of your favorite FC images has a new website. Get yourself a Dave Singley print or painting now

We are launching the LAMC split 7” series in loving memory Ariel Panero, our dear friend and a partner in Famous Class. find out more here

We’ve got 2 new color ways of the Dusen Dusen/Famous Class hat up on the webstore but we only have ONE OF EACH left in stock! We’ve yet again sold out of the Cat Tank in both black and white, but we’re restocking now and should be ready to ship by 2.27. expect more sizes and a few new color ways

GOOD NEWS! the hats arrived and the back orders have shipped.

Darlings are making us wait to hear their new LP until its totally mixed and mastered, its making us crazy… come out to glasslands this Thursday for a sneak peak at the new record and maybe some deep cuts off “yeah I know”

Come party with us at the Mercury Lounge this Saturday and see Tony Castles live with our friends Slowdance and The Sanctuaries. We can’t wait to see this new drummer they’ve been talking about and hear the jams they’ve been writing for their debut LP out on Greedhead later this year.   Get your tickets now http://www.mercuryloungenyc.com/event/81505/

We’ve got a lot coming up this year so stay tuned for updates. We’re so excited about the new 7” series that’s in the works but we’ll let you know more info about that VERY SOON. In the meantime prepare yourself for the new jams + shirts + hats + prints that are coming your way in 2012

We’re totally sold-out of our first edition so we reordered and added a few new color ways.  Should be in to the FC office next week and then right in the mail for all you who ordered them. Hold tight!

We finally did it! Our limited edition hat collaboration with good friend/all-star designer Dusen Dusen are now available at our webstore. These little guys are going fast (we only have 2 more of the corduroy) so get yours now!

The New Mr. A*OK Mixtape is out today! go that that shit now. FAMOUS CLASS ACTION VOL. II

GET READY! we’ve got 2 new clear vinyl 7″s coming out June 21. Snakes Say Hisss- Right Behind You and Tony Castles- Juice

We’re releasing 2 EP’s this month, Tony Castles: No Service & Darlings: Warma on CD/Vinyl/Digital. These are our first nationally distributed records and we’re really excited to get them out into the world.

get your limited edition copy at our webstore or pick it up digitally on iTunes now!

A memorial service in honor of Ariel will be held at the Montauk Club in 
Park Slope, Brooklyn this Sunday, December 12th at 1PM. Please come out and show your love for our friend. All are welcome. 

The Montauk Club is located at 25 Eighth Avenue.

Ariel was exciting to be around; he was fun and he was driven. He would come to me with seemingly impossible show ideas but then always managed to pull them off. He approached his work with a sense that yeah, there might be consequences but the good and fun will outweigh the fallout because we have the right spirit and if i don’t try and get this done it’ll never happen. One of Ariel’s most triumphant moments in my eyes was when he somehow convinced the skipper of Clipper City to let all the Famous Class bands charter the boat for a quarter of the usual price. The feeling was unforgettable, sailing around the Statue of Liberty having a beer with Ariel and watching friends play and dance.  Last year he began working with me at Famous Class, helping us take some big steps forward. It breaks my heart that he isn’t going to see the results of everything we worked on together. He was a dear friend and a brother, we love you and miss you.


we love you and miss you already.

RIP Ariel Panero 1985-2010

The Fader premiered the new Darlings video and wrote some nice things.

check it out

Stereogum premiered the new Tony video!

check out the link

Get ready for the new Tony Castles EP “No Service” out this September on Famous Class!

We’re teaming up with our buddies at Less Artists More Condos and throwing a party for the Northside Fest. shit should be nuts

holy shit this thing was fun, we’ll be posting more picture and some video later this week

The -FAMOUS CLASS ACTION- MIXTAPE VOL. 1 is coming your way this weekend compliments of Mr. A*OK. ft. Huxtables, Tony Castles, Wacka Flocka, Project Pat, Snakes Say Hisss and many more!

Famous Class welcomes our first DJ to the family!

Snakes Say Hiss shot a video last week with our friend Tony Bliz from Creative Control. you can check out some of the photos over at the snakes say hiss artist page. we’ll have the video ready to go by the end of May

our buddy Daniel Carbone made a rad tour video from our St Louis trip for creative control.

Check it out!

its been a while since we’ve had a the whole family together but the time has come! Mark your calender now for May 28th and come see Tony Castles + Darlings + Snakes Say Hiss + Boogie Boarder + Tough Knuckles + DJ Mr. A*OK  @ DBA. We’re gonna have some new jamz from all the bands plus a new wave of shirts.
Get Ready!

We couldn’t be happier here at the Famous Class camp! We have the first vinyl over at the webstore now and are sending the boys to record the follow up at the end of May. Expect big things!

Patrick from Titus did that guest list thing on pitchfork yesterday and gave a little love.

Favorite New Band

Boogie Boarder are kind of a spaz band from Brooklyn. They have lots of bad-ass riffs but also lots of wanky goodness, and they definitely know how to entertain. They have a lot of that reckless abandon that’s at the heart of all great rock’n'roll music. The bass player plays this half bass-half guitar thing in the tradition of the Presidents of the United States of America. And their album Pizza Hero comes with a really beautiful zine with all these really nice drawings. A lot of bang for your buck.”

SXSW was a blast! our party with impose magazine sold out about half way into the show and shit got crazy. check out photos on the impose site


Darlings have some SXSW show lined up, come drink a beer with us!

Check the Darlings Show date for details

We’re mixing the album now, should have some tracks to play soon and a new LP this summer!

Both bands went to the studio at breakthruradio.com and recorded some jamz last fall. old news yes but still fun!

As Winter continues to keep its chilly grasp fastened tightly upon our fair city, Darlings have hunkered down and are combating the cold with a barrage of Brooklyn-brewed garage pop.  Last weekend, the band convened with their guru Nick Smeraski at Headgear Studio to record six new tracks.  We’re in the mixing stage, so these songs will be coming at you sooner than you think.

Vanity Fair used “Teenage Girl” in a behind-the-scenes video of a photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz and a bunch of Hollywood starlets.  Check it out at the end of this article.  Unfortunately it’s not a photo shoot of Hollywood starlets AND Darlings, they’re just mugging for the camera while our song plays.  Plus we would never agree to share the spotlight like that.

We recorded some new jamz that we’ll be slowly giving away for free on the site. New things are brewing here…

Classy New Site Launches


New Darlings record get it here: